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Cajun inspired kitchen
in the Heart
of San Francisco/Bay Area

We believe in the simple pleasures of life.
Good food, fresh ingredients, and awesome vibes. Welcome to Cajun O' Cajun, make yourself at home.


Our Fans' Favorite

Lemon Pepper Wings -
The Ultimate Comfort

Lemon Pepper wings have a cult following in the Bay Area and we can't blame them! Here's our nod to this Bay Area staple. We dry-rubbed the wings with our bright and tangy Lemon Pepper Seasoning and once they're cooked and crispy, we basted them in a sweet and succulent Lemon Pepper butter sauce topped with fresh herbs. 

An Offer You'll Love

Gather around the Table
with Our Family Bundle

Driven by the love of food, family and fun.  We believe the best moments in life happens at the dinner table with meaningful conversations, memorable experiences and great connections.  - C.O.C 

Outdoor Dinner

Cajun O' Cajun Moments

If you’re anything like us, there’s something about a great food that just makes you want to share it on Instagram. And, as a foodie at heart, you know nothing pairs better with an epic food pic than an equally delectable food captions. Please be sure to visit us on Instagram.


It's Fast and Easy

(925) 510-8718

Our online ordering and delivery systems provide a clear, fast and easy sales channel for our customers. Please browse our menu items, select what to order, place your orders and make payment through our restaurant app or website. Upon receiving your order, we will freshly prepare your food and deliver it to your specified location.

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